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How To Find The Email Address Of Any Position Within Any Company

Disclaimer: The following method is one I use on occasion to reach out to industry thought leaders and the like for non-spamming purposes only. Use this information as you will, but please, use it wisely and respectfully.

Whether you're a job candidate that wants to open a direct line with human resources, a link builder that wants to get in with the marketing or IT departments, or you simply misplaced the email address of someone you just met, chances are you've wished for a little black book full of all the most elusive email addresses.

The good news is that you can easily find these email addresses relatively easily and quickly.

How To Foster Viral Content

A couple months ago, I wrote an article in a matter of a few hours and hit the "Publish" button and went about my day. My blog was (and still is) relatively new, so I didn't expect much until I got a couple email notifications for comment approval within 10 minutes. What followed was a roller coaster few days and an article that has been viewed more than 180,000 times.

These 5 Tactics Are NOT Dead

One of the most annoying things in the digital marketing industry is the constant stream of bloggers declaring that XYZ tactic is dead, or speculating that XYZ tactic will die because of a new Google algorithm update. Now, I'm no fancy-pants doctor, but in every other corner of the universe, it isn't difficult to determine if something is, in fact, dead.

If you need help checking the pulse, I've pulled together a quick list of internet marketing tactics that are still alive and kicking. Poke 'em with a stick all you want, these aren't going anywhere for a while.

The Blurry Lines of AdWords Double Serving

Since the beginning of AdWords, companies have used various methods to push the boundaries of Google's policies in order to gain additional exposure. One of the most common tactics has been through different forms of double serving, or serving multiple ads for the same company on the same keyword.

SEOpocalypse: The Dangerous Virus Sweeping the Industry

It isn't coming. It's here.

There is something dangerous amongst us. It isn't something tangible, and it has slowly been taking over the SEO industry for years in a cold, unforgiving manner. Because of it, our future is determined for us; rather than us being able to take the reigns ourselves.

How Complex Is Your Content? (And Why It Matters)

Any successful marketing campaign involves extensive knowledge of your target market and demographic. In the world of SEO, however, we're somewhat limited by what our analytics can provide. We can easily ascertain location, language and even interests based on keyword activity, but anything deeper is difficult to come by.

Every Moment Is Captured, But Nothing Is Experienced

I don't enjoy concerts in the way most people typically do. To the casual observer, it may appear that I don't enjoy them at all; but that would be false. I don't put my arms up, dance in place or sing along. Instead, you'll see me with my hands in my pockets or arms folded, just smirking and watching the band with wonder and enjoying the music.

What the New Google Maps Means for Local Search

One of the biggest announcements during Google I/O 2013 was the announcement of the new Google Maps. The new version was reportedly rebuilt from the ground up, and after receiving my invite and diving in, I can see that they weren't kidding.

The new Google Maps is nothing short of amazing.

Penguin 2.0 Has Been Rolled Out: How Will I Be Affected?

For the past few weeks, Google and Matt Cutts (head of the webspam team at Google) have alluded to an upcoming Penguin algorithm update. Well, yesterday, during an episode of This Week in Google, Cutts announced that the update was being rolled out within "the next few hours" (his announcement begins around the 1:21:00 mark).  He also wrote a post on his personal blog announcing the official arrival of Penguin 2.0. Technically, this is the 4th update to Penguin, but since this is a "brand new generation of algorithms," as described by Cutts, it has been referred to as 2.0 within Google.

From 17 Visits to 32,226 in 24 Hours

I was always taught to play it cool when something great happened. When wide receivers dance in the end zone, I still scowl "C'mon, act like you've done it before!" at the TV like an old, grumpy man. However, last Thursday, I had a post on LinkedIn privacy absolutely blow up and dammit, I'm excited.