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How To Foster Viral Content

A couple months ago, I wrote an article in a matter of a few hours and hit the "Publish" button and went about my day. My blog was (and still is) relatively new, so I didn't expect much until I got a couple email notifications for comment approval within 10 minutes. What followed was a roller coaster few days and an article that has been viewed more than 180,000 times.

How Complex Is Your Content? (And Why It Matters)

Any successful marketing campaign involves extensive knowledge of your target market and demographic. In the world of SEO, however, we're somewhat limited by what our analytics can provide. We can easily ascertain location, language and even interests based on keyword activity, but anything deeper is difficult to come by.

Where Is All This Bad Information Coming From?

Last fall, I had the pleasure of speaking at an industry conference full of passionate, like-minded people. I can honestly say it was a wonderful experience.

Before I gave my presentation, no one at the event knew who I was. Between sessions, I was approached by a very young, highly energetic man. When he asked what my particular interest in the conference was, I informed him that I would be speaking on SEO shortly. Upon hearing this news, he immediately became 10x more interested in me.