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Optimize For the Other 1/3

We're going to play a little word association game. I'm going to give you a list of words and you are going to shout the first thing that comes into your head. If you're in a public place or crowded office, I encourage you to set up a camera and record the reactions around you for my entertainment.

Where Is All This Bad Information Coming From?

Last fall, I had the pleasure of speaking at an industry conference full of passionate, like-minded people. I can honestly say it was a wonderful experience.

Before I gave my presentation, no one at the event knew who I was. Between sessions, I was approached by a very young, highly energetic man. When he asked what my particular interest in the conference was, I informed him that I would be speaking on SEO shortly. Upon hearing this news, he immediately became 10x more interested in me.

When Is It OK For My Company To Launch A Separate Site?

In the world of digital marketing, there is no shortage of facepalming moments. Among these is explaining why we don't use the keywords meta tag, or finding out someone made a boo boo in the robots.txt file and know...deindexed the entire site.

However, towards the top of this list is when I'm days, weeks or even months into a project with a client and I stumble across a separate site that seems to be affiliated with them. I dig a little deeper. There's another one. And another. OH GOD WHERE DOES IT END!?

That One Page Site is Cool. Too Bad No One Will See It.

There are plenty of common misconceptions about web professionals.

Developers don't care about design; they just care about making things work.

Designers don't care about development; they just care about making things look good.

SEOs don't care about design or development; they just care about rankings.

Those are just a few examples, but I call bullshit on all three.