Per Dollar, Content Marketing Produces Roughly 3X As Many Leads

70% Of Consumers Prefer Getting To Know A Company Via Articles Rather Than Ads



In order to have any success online, you need to build a connection with your customers. That’s not an easy thing to do through a computer, tablet or smartphone screen. The copy on your website and within your ads needs to be compelling and promote action, turning potential customers into returning customers.

Additionally, while search engines have certainly gotten much more advanced in the last decade they still—quite simply—like written copy. However, writing to please search engines while still connecting with users is a delicate dance, and if done incorrectly, you can quickly and easily alienate one or both.

As copywriters, we provide services for:

  • Website content
  • Ad copy
  • Guest blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Promotional materials

We’re Writing For A Different Audience

Writing for the web is vastly different than writing a print piece. Your customers online consume content differently. On the web, we don’t flip open a page, start at the top left and end on the bottom right before continuing to the next page. We start at the top—wherever our eyes are drawn first—and work our way down, scanning and choosing where we want to dive in. For this reason, web copy should be:

  • Divided into short paragraphs, because users who see a wall of text will bounce quickly
  • Separated with descriptive headlines so users know what sections they want to read more about
  • Broken apart with lists, which are easy to quickly scan and digest (suspiciously similar to this one—ahem)
  • Complimented with media such as images and video (we’re very visual beings)

These are just a few elements that make up a well-written page. When we write for you, we not only study your business extensively to make sure we match your style, tone and language, but we also study your audience for how they search and talk about your offerings.