A Focused Strategy Incorporates Traffic, Conversions & Brand Awareness

There Are Countless Ways To Grow Your Brand Online. Do You Have A Strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategy

Any successful marketing campaign begins with a well-defined, solid strategy. The benefit of digital marketing is that goals, budgets and results can be tracked to the penny, allowing campaigns to pivot, adjust and improve.

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to carry your brand through the next quarter, the next year and beyond.

Every aspect of our strategy is based off of your goals, which are to be defined clearly at the onset of the project. Typically, brands are focused on one or more of the following:

  • Traffic – Do you simply want to drive more potential customers to your site? If so, what are your goals for growth and over what timeframe?
  • Conversions – For businesses focused on the bottom line, sales are the end all be all. How are you measuring success in this area? By total sales? Conversion rate? (we recommend a blend of two crucial metrics)
  • Brand Awareness – Whether you’re a brand new startup or an established company with a new product, sometimes you just want to get the word out and plant a seed. Have you defined what success looks like in this realm?

Once we establish your primary focus(s), we’ll delve deeper into what defines success within those areas and set specific goals. These goals dictate everything from the match type of our keywords in a PPC campaign to the amount of time we spend on on-site factors such as user experience.

Once goals are set, we determine the path to success and where your marketing dollars are best spent to get you there. This may be through SEO, PPC, sales optimization, UX or a blend of one or more.