Traffic Doesn't Matter If No One Sticks Around

Ensure Customers Find What They're Looking For & Convert

User Experience (UX)

It’s quite simple: We can drive traffic to your site all day, but if customers can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s all for nothing.

All too often, companies get caught up in how many people are visiting the site and stop the analysis there. At this point, traffic becomes nothing more than a vanity metric. However, if you’re paying attention to what users are doing once they arrive—how they are engaging and moving through the site—you’re on your way to providing a much more positive experience which has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming redesign and want to learn some lessons from your current site, or you’re planning on making some adjustments to the current experience, we can help you analyze user behavior to keep customers engaged and more likely to convert.

We use a blended approach to discover what’s working on your site and where the missed opportunities and roadblocks are. First and foremost, we take a deep dive into your analytics—because the numbers don’t lie. We then integrate best practices, tests and even monitor real users interacting with your site to gather a full picture of the status and potential future of your site.

All of this is wrapped up into a prioritized, highly detailed document accompanied by consultation time.