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Web Analytics Consultant

Web Analytics Consultant

One of the primary advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is our unrivaled access to valuable data. Not only can we determine how many people saw your ads or clicked on your organic listings, but we can track everyone who visited your site, where they came from, how they engaged with the site, what causes users to convert and what causes them to leave.

All too often, companies either don’t correctly utilize or pay attention to their analytics or, worse yet, don’t even have tracking in place.

This represents a tremendous missed opportunity. Determining where you can increase your traffic by just 2%, or a conversion rate of just 0.5%, or an average order value of just 4% can have an enormous impact on your bottom line and can even change the course of entire companies.

Actionable Insights & Invaluable Data

For companies that aren’t yet fully using or utilizing web analytics, we will assist you in getting tracking installed, including setting up goal tracking and configuring campaign tracking (such as for a press release or email blast), custom settings, segments and reports.

We will constantly monitor the effectiveness of certain initiatives, set up tests and determine missed and new opportunities.

Not only will we extract important on-site insights such as areas that customers aren’t engaging with, which page layouts convert better and so on, but this data serves your business off-site as well. For example, if you were planning an email blast, we can determine what day of the week and time of the day your customers are more likely to respond, and even determine what call to action copy you should be using in your emails.

Never before have businesses had such an abundance of knowledge to utilize to better serve customers and boost profits. Do you know how your site is performing?