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Digital Marketing Training

Google handles 115 billion searches a month. Their display network reaches 90% of all internet users. I know we don’t need to say more, but I will anyways: There are tremendous opportunities for your business online.

Whether you want to build out a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy, run a pay per click campaign in the search or display networks, or want to get to work on content marketing, there is plenty to know and learn.

I will work with you or your team on a one-on-one basis or in front of a group of your choosing, teaching digital marketing from the ground up. In the past, I’ve worked with national and global brands, e-commerce sites and local sites, so we can formulate a custom lesson plan based on your needs and goals.

Not only will I teach you and your team to build a foundation based on best practices and proven results, but you’ll have the knowledge and resources to immediately put your new skills to use.

I plan these training sessions on an individual basis; we can cover whichever channels you choose for half or full day training sessions, or even introduce or expand upon certain topics during “lunch and learn” style meetings.