Google's Display Network Alone Reaches 90% Of All Internet Users

Target Users Based On Keyword, Topic, Interests, Demographic or Specific Sites

Display (Banner) Advertising Services

Let’s say you sell accounting software specifically for small businesses.¬† Someone approaches you and tells you they can offer you highly visual billboard ads that can be changed out at a moment’s notice. Oh, and guess what? Only small business owners travel this particular stretch of highway.

That’s a level of targeting that you are unlikely to turn down. However, online display advertising takes it even further. With display networks, we can create highly visual ads that connect with users in a number of sizes and formats to be featured on any number of sites. We target by geography, keywords on the page, topic, interest and many more attributes to ensure only qualified audiences are receiving exposure to your ads. Depending on your service area and goals, we can generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of impressions for your brand every month.

If conversions are your primary goal, we can get as granular with our targeting as needed. Rather than targeting all sites within a particular keyword set, topic or interest category, we can only place your ads on sites of our choosing. So if you only want to target users located on the east coast, reading the business section of the New York Times on a Sunday evening, we can make it happen.

Be Memorable.

Display advertising also presents an unrivaled opportunities to connect with your customers in fun and unique ways. Restaurants can show the daily lunch menu to customers located anywhere within a certain radius,¬†browsing any site in the display network, between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Insurance companies can show ads on sites where potential customers are browsing for new cars. Even service and repair companies can advertise on do-it-yourself sites (for those customers who decide they’ve done enough).

Display advertising is the perfect tool for brand exposure. Due to the high volume of impressions and typically low clickthrough rate, you can get your ad in front of a sea of potential customers for a relatively low cost. Furthermore, it is usual for us to see an increase in branded search terms in organic search, as more users turn to Google or Bing to find that company they once saw an ad for.