PLAs ended 2012 with a higher click-through rate & lower average cost than text ads.

Discover How You Can Get Your Entire Product Line In Front of Searchers With Images, Prices & Ratings

Product Listing Ads

For ecommerce websites, managing hundreds, thousands or even millions of products can be a task too large for even dedicated teams. When it comes to setting up campaigns, ad groups, keyword lists and ads for these products, manual processes are out of the question. In order to have flexible campaigns that can keep up with ever-changing inventory levels, new products and phased-out products, you need a more dynamic solution.

That’s where Product Listing Ads (PLA’s or Google Shopping ads) come in. Using your content management system, we will generate a customized product feed that is integrated with Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords to create dynamic and extensive campaigns that adjust according to your inventory.

For maximum exposure for your diverse products, PLA’s are an excellent way to get in front of searchers in a targeted and 100% trackable fashion.