Never Be Forgotten Again. Stay In Front of Your Target Audience.

Use Remarketing To Draw Customers Back to Your Website & Products


Have you ever noticed that a site you had never been to before and then only visited once, seems to suddenly be advertising on nearly every site you visit? Even more specifically, have you ever noticed an ad for a product you nearly bought a couple days before?

What you are seeing are remarketing ads (sometimes referred to as “retargeting” ads). At the core, remarketing ads are essentially a highly effective tool to ensure customers and potential customers alike don’t forget about you or your offer (be it a product or a service). In a sense, remarketing is the most qualified targeting available online, as you are showing your ads to users who have already expressed interest in your business by visiting your site, a particular section of the site or a specific product.

How it Works

Remarketing is accomplished by setting a cookie on the user’s browser once they visit a specially tagged page on your site. This cookie then triggers ads on other eligible sites within the AdWords Display Network according to further criteria we have set. We can limit the number of times and how often users see your ads to prevent overwhelm.

For a high volume, broad remarketing audience, we can tag every page on the site so every user receives a cookie to trigger your ads. At a more targeted level, we can target different audiences depending on which section of the site they visited. For example, if a mother browses your line of baby products, we can show her ads for these products as she browses other sites around the web. We can even show users ads for the exact product they viewed, or one that they had in their shopping cart and later removed.

Similar to traditional display advertising, remarketing allows us to limit which sites users see your ads on and only target sites relevant to your core business, or even pages that contain the names of your competitors, for example.

With remarketing, we can allow your brand to stay in front of your customer base while reminding potential customers of the deals they once passed up, bringing them back for new business and repeat business.