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Search Advertising Services

Advertising on the Google and Bing search networks is one of the most highly effective channels available. You have unlimited control over when, where and to whom your targeted ads are shown, how much you spend and everything is 100% trackable.

Unlike organic search results, paid search allows you to immediately appear on page 1 for your target keywords and prominently feature additional information (known as ad extensions) to encourage more clicks, such as additional sitelinks, your phone number, address, social shares, mobile app and more.

Depending on your goals (traffic, conversions or brand exposure), we develop a list of well-research keywords, divided into specific ad groups and well-structured campaigns. We work with you to determine details such as:

  • Your budget
  • Target areas in which you’d like searchers to see your ads
  • The days and hours you would like them to appear
  • What devices your ads should be shown on
  • Offers or promotions (for use in ad copy)
  • Special circumstances such as campaigns for specific countries, days of the week, product lines, etc.

Once your campaigns are up and running, we continuously optimize them to achieve the best ROI possible—constantly running tests, adding negative search terms to improve clickthrough rates, tweaking ad copy, looking for new opportunities and inefficiencies and much more.