Google Makes 500-600 Changes to Its Algorithm Every Year

With The Search Landscape Always Changing, Find Out Where Your Site Or Campaigns Are Lacking

SEO & PPC Audits

In the past two years alone, Google has released major updates that have had a tremendous impact on how well numerous sites rank in organic search (read: Panda, Penguin, Freshness)Paid (also known as “sponsored”) results have gone through a continuous transformation as well with the newly Enhanced Campaigns, Google Shopping turning into a “pay to play” model and much more.

With the world of digital marketing continuously evolving, not to mention the common mistakes made while managing SEO and PPC efforts, it is crucial to break down your strategy on a regular basis to find roadblocks, missed opportunities as well as new ones.

SEO Audit
Are you looking to launch a full SEO project? Did your site recently fall victim to an algorithm update or “Google slap?” Perhaps you just need an expert set of eyes to analyze your current standing and assess where the opportunities are. Either way, We’re here to help by providing in-depth analysis, reports and consultation.

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PPC Audit
Whether you’re running ads in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook or any other advertising platform, there are countless ways to increase traffic, conversions and brand awareness depending on your goals. There are also countless ways to incorrectly structure campaigns and lose money. With a PPC audit, we will analyze your campaign, campaign settings, ad groups, keywords, ads and much more to determine where you’re losing money and where you can make significant improvements.

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