93% of online experiences begin with a search engine

With Over 100 Billion Global Searches Being Conducted Each Month. Is Your Brand Being Found?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Imagine a commercial that only aired to viewers interested in your product or service. Or a magazine ad that was only printed in the issues sent to subscribers who pre-qualified themselves as a potential customer of yours. Can you imagine the response rate and return on investment? Now, imagine that the cable provider and magazine decided not to charge you for your ads…

It seems crazy, and yet this is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about—it’s a marketing channel unlike any other. Organic (sometimes referred to as “natural”) search engine traffic is completely free, and every person who sees your search result has pre-qualified themselves to see it by typing in a search query. Once they click your link, their actions are completely trackable through web analytics, giving you a whole new level of business intelligence on which to base marketing, budgetary and product decisions.

Your customers are looking for you. All you have to do is get in front of them. The search engine optimization experts at Interactually can help.

Keyword Research
Well researched keywords are the backbone of every successful SEO project. First, we determine how many keywords we will be targeting based on the content on your site (no set number or maximum) and what content we plan on developing. We then perform research to determine which keywords provide the most opportunity based on traffic, competition, relevance and intent.

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On-Page Optimization
On-page optimization consists of ensuring pages adequately incorporate our keywords in well-written page titles, headings, body content, image alt tags and meta descriptions that are compelling enough to draw eyes and clicks in search results. This work accounts for roughly 40% of a page’s ability to rank organically.

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Off-Page Optimization & Link Building
Off-page optimization includes all factors outside your website that impact it’s placement in search results. Naturally, this includes links and social signals. We will develop a link building strategy and build natural, long-term links that drive SEO value and traffic.

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Technical SEO Analysis
Where are search engines struggling to crawl your website? What are some technical roadblocks that are keeping you from receiving the value your site deserves? Several of these issues are commonly overlooked by designers and developers alike and could be severely holding you back.

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Local SEO
If you serve customers at a brick and mortar location, there is simply no reason to avoid local SEO. People are turning to Google before flipping through the Yellow Pages, and the complexity of verifying and optimizing local profiles continues to increase. Let us help you claim your listings, optimize them for search, and tie your website in with Google+, Bing and Yahoo.

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Mobile SEO
Mobile internet usage is an unstoppable force. Year after year, mobile traffic takes up a much larger portion of total traffic and quite simply, people searching from mobile devices have different needs and even search habits. Don’t miss out on these share of customers and don’t be left behind.

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Enterprise SEO
For large companies and websites with thousands or even millions of pages, seemingly simple tasks can be a large undertaking. The good news is that on this scale, small changes can have an exponentially large impact. We’ve worked with national, global and Fortune 500 companies and coordinated with several departments and know what it takes to communicate bottom line benefits with the C-level while simultaneously speaking with marketing and IT teams in terms they want to hear.

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SEO Audit
Whether you have an IT team or marketing team ready to get to work, you plan on implementing the work yourself or just want to know where your site stands, we can provide a comprehensive SEO audit which reports on your site’s current status, limitations and opportunities.

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Through a mix of the services outlined above, we put together a comprehensive SEO strategy for your company’s website. However, we differ from other SEO specialists in one crucial way:

We do not focus on rankings.

We know it sounds like blasphemy, but the fact of the matter is that rankings are a poor metric on which to measure performance and success. This is because due to personalization and localization within search results, it is nearly impossible to accurately report a single ranking (in other words, when we search something, there’s a big chance our results are very different from yours). Additionally, ranking #1 for a low traffic and/or poor converting keyword means nothing.

That of course doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to rankings. Instead, we focus my energy on the metrics that directly impact your bottom line—organic search traffic, conversions, conversion rates, etc.