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SEO Audit

Every year, Google makes 500-600 changes to its search algorithm. With the personalization of search results—taking into account location, browsing history, whether or not you’re logged in and several other factors—it’s becoming increasingly difficult to gauge the performance of your site in organic search.

Additionally, there are countless ways your website could be limiting itself through various search engine “roadblocks” within the site code and structure, as well as many missed opportunities from dead pages and broken links.

To ensure your site is poised to drive high volume, high quality organic traffic, we will put together a detailed SEO audit that rebuilds your strategy from the ground up. We will review keywords, keyword targeting, on-page optimization, your inbound link profile, technical barriers and new opportunities—all wrapped up into a detailed document and consultation.

SEO is not a one-time solution. What worked five—or even two—years ago simply isn’t a good strategy today. SEO efforts should be ongoing, and your website should be adding value on a continuous basis.

Discover how you can leverage free, highly qualified organic traffic to grow your business.