Off-Page Metrics Account For Over Half Of A Page's Ability To Rank In Search Results

Domain & Page Level Link Metrics & Social Shares Are Crucial In Today's Search Landscape.

Off-Page Optimization & Link Building

Back in the early days of Google, they set themselves apart as a superior search engine by introducing a new way to rank the relevance of web pages. This new concept was ranking them according to the links pointing toward them; essentially treating them as votes. The number of links pointing toward a site and specific page was certainly important, in addition to the authority of the site linking to it. Even better, if the anchor text for that inbound link was “London vacation homes,” your site had a better chance of ranking for a search for that term.

Okay, enough of the history lesson. Today, the core principles of relevance from links still hold true, but have since become much more complex. Sites still need links, they still need to be from authoritative websites and anchor text still helps—although all of this operates on a fine line.

The Rise of a New Factor

A new form of passing relevance has emerged with the rise of social media. Social shares have already been confirmed to be ranking factors (specifically, +1’s in Google and Facebook Likes in Bing) and their weight is likely to increase.

To build the off-page optimization of your website, we begin with a link building strategy that details not only the methods in which we plan to acquire links for your website, but also ways you can attract them through normal business functions such as events, business partnerships, contests and so on.

We acquire links only by adding value and making connections. As a rule of thumb, if a link requires little to no effort, we don’t pursue it. These links adds very little value and can actually hurt your site in the long run.

Lastly, we seek out links that not only pass relevance to your pages, but also drive traffic, because those are the links that really add value to your business.