Mobile search on smartphones increased 26% in 2012 & 19% on tablets

By 2014, mobile internet is expected surpass desktop internet usage

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO - Search Engine OptimizationThe way people use the internet is constantly evolving. Most recently, the overwhelming trend has been toward mobile internet use. As technology, networks and websites advance, people are choosing to pull out their phones rather than sit down at a desktop or laptop.

Despite these conclusive trends, 90 percent of websites are not ready for mobile use.

Several companies have been slow to implement mobile-friendly websites; not allowing users to easily navigate their sites without forcing them to zoom in, scroll sideways or easily move about the site with a thumb or finger.

Additionally, while mobile internet users browse and engage with sites differently, they also¬†search differently. They typically use shorter queries and are generally more likely to act within an hour of searching—causing 3 out of 4 mobile searches to trigger some sort of follow-up action such as a store visit, phone call, purchase or continued research.

Whether you have a separate mobile site stored on a subdirectory or subdomain, or your site has s responsive design, there are several factors to address in order to perform well in mobile search. With mobile traffic accounting for more than 20% of total traffic for most sites, businesses cannot afford to ignore this growing user base.