Technical Issues Can Make or Break A Site In Organic Search

Discover The Search Engine Roadblocks On Your Site, How To Fix Them & New Opportunities

Technical SEO Analysis

Technical SEO Analysis

Before a page can be indexed, ranked and clicked on in organic search results, it needs to be crawled. This is often where search engine robots run into trouble. Essentially, search engines don’t browse a website the way we do. They can’t “see” images, they can’t click on areas or menus that require JavaScript, they can’t view pages that require a login and a host of other limitations. They need simple, crawlable links to access content.

In addition to crawling, several sites run into issues such as duplicate content (a major search engine no-no), slow page speed (a known ranking factor), broken links, error pages, duplicate title or description tags, URL parameters and the list goes on.

All of these issues can directly impact search engines’ ability to rank your content and for searchers to find it. Your site is a complex machine with a lot of moving parts; it should be checked, maintained and well-oiled in order to perform to its full potential.

We will perform a full technical SEO analysis on  your site and put together a highly detailed document not only listing and explaining my findings and issues, but ranking them in order of importance so they can be addressed accordingly.