David Veldt

David Veldt

Founder & Director of Digital Marketing

David (Dave) Veldt founded Interactually in 2013. His road to agency founder and current director of digital marketing began with graphic design in high school. That transitioned into web design and eventually web development. He started his first company in 2009, creating small websites for local businesses.

After graduating from Grand Valley State University, Dave combined his marketing education with his web experience and joined a full-service digital marketing agency as an SEO Specialist. There, he jumped into the deep end and worked with clients such as Polaris, Jostens, Cintas, Auto-Owners Insurance, Huntington Bank, and many more.

From there he worked with another agency and added PPC to his toolkit, managing many large ad budgets across several platforms, while continuing his work in technical and enterprise SEO. He rounded out his digital marketing experience by moving to an in-house role with X-Rite and their subsidiary company, Pantone.

With Interactually, Dave has led countless ad campaigns, SEO engagements, and analytics projects and has had the privilege of working with companies across many industries throughout the United States. In 2023, he led the company's pivot to a PPC agency with simplified campaign management packages, focusing our work and opening it up to small businesses as well as the large companies we have always enjoyed working with.

Michigan Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder - Dave Veldt

Dave lives near Kalamazoo, Michigan with his wife and children. He is an avid mountain biker and gravel cyclist, snowboarder, and Detroit Tigers fan.

Articles Written by David Veldt

Google Is A Gossip Queen

Oh, Google.  I know you mean well, but sometimes you just try too hard and come across like a real Chatty Cathy. Even worse, a Chatty Cathy Know-It-All.

I've got your back, though. The semantic web is to blame. In your quest to gain a human-like understanding of queries and content, you've relied a little too much on the web of information that has been created by the general Internet population. This works well in theory, but you underestimated one thing: Our undying thirst for #juicy #gossip!

At the heart of the matter is Google's Knowledge Graph.

Some Thoughts on Guest Blogging

There's been some excitement in the SEO world in the past few days. It doesn't take much to get people in our industry all riled up, but this one is spurring some real anger toward Google for assuming the roles of Relevance Police, Judge and Executioner.

The issue at hand is that of guest blogging.

How to Lose 40% of Your Traffic (In One Simple Step)

Let this be a cautionary tale. A tale about what happens when you don't follow your own advice.

In the past six months, I have lost over 40% of my traffic. It was remarkably easy; much easier than increasing my traffic by 40%. I really didn't have to do much. In fact, I did nothing at all.

Forgiveness > Permission

"It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission." - Grace Hopper

These words have given innovators, entrepreneurs and visionaries across the world the justification (not that they needed it) to take bold risks and test new waters with relative uncertainty. Originating from a legendary programmer, few industries lean on this mantra more heavily than tech. For the most part, it is this mindset that has enabled the world of web technology to evolve at a blistering pace.

How To Find The Email Address Of Any Position Within Any Company

Disclaimer: The following method is one I use on occasion to reach out to industry thought leaders and the like for non-spamming purposes only. Use this information as you will, but please, use it wisely and respectfully.

Whether you're a job candidate that wants to open a direct line with human resources, a link builder that wants to get in with the marketing or IT departments, or you simply misplaced the email address of someone you just met, chances are you've wished for a little black book full of all the most elusive email addresses.

The good news is that you can easily find these email addresses relatively easily and quickly.

How To Foster Viral Content

A couple months ago, I wrote an article in a matter of a few hours and hit the "Publish" button and went about my day. My blog was (and still is) relatively new, so I didn't expect much until I got a couple email notifications for comment approval within 10 minutes. What followed was a roller coaster few days and an article that has been viewed more than 180,000 times.