PPC Profit Hunters & Enterprise SEO Experts

Founded in 2013 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and having since expanded to serve clients across the United States, Interactually is a PPC agency specializing in Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Advertising. We also offer enterprise SEO services for select projects.
We have worked with companies ranging from national, global and Fortune 500 brands to doctors offices and retail shops. Our clients quickly notice that unlike most PPC agencies, we focus on the metrics that matter; those that affect your bottom line. We leave the technical jargon at the door and make sure you always know your return on investment. That is not only by design, but something we take great pride in.



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Our Philosophy

  • We believe in clearly defined goals and being held accountable for results. Period.
  • We keep it simple, yet effective.
  • We speak on your terms, not just "conversions." Whether that's leads, sales, appointments, or walk-in traffic.
  • 24/7 live reporting and getting a deep understanding of clients' businesses are the norm here.

Our Mission

We simplify the process of digital advertising, remove the complicated pricing and confusing language, and work based on clear goals while focused on metrics directly linked to the bottom line. 

From our very first kickoff meeting, we'll define project goals and determine what a successful project will look like. We're open and honest about what is working and what isn't, and use data to back that up. Only honest, high quality PPC management from seasoned experts.