SEO at the enterprise level presents many challenges that are rarely present with smaller projects. Does the company leadership see the value in what we're doing? Does the development team have the bandwidth to deploy our recommendations and implement our work? How is this work helping the bottom line?

These are questions and challenges that are just as important as the actual SEO work we're doing, and we've been navigating them for over a decade in business; working with national, global, and Fortune 500 companies along the way.

A typical engagement with Interactually includes - but is not limited to - the following enterprise SEO services and deliverables:

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Our Process

Proposal & Planning

This is where we get to know your business, products, services, and goals; then set to work creating an SEO strategy which we can translate to deliverables and a project schedule.


We're going to start with analytics and reporting so that we can set a benchmark to see how effective our efforts have been. Then we use this time to get the heaviest work done, and address the most urgent SEO issues.


The biggest pieces are in place. Now we build on those, review the data, and adjust our strategy and efforts to maximize our effectiveness and your ROI.

The fun part about enterprise SEO services is the power of scale. One seemingly small change can impact thousands or even millions of pages and have a tremendous impact on organic search traffic. We can say from experience that it's a great feeling to fix one search engine accessibility issue and unlock over a million dollars in revenue.

Enterprise SEO Case Study

Find out how we used a mix of technical SEO, on-page optimization, and content strategy to increase this ecommerce store's organic traffic by 116%.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of a successful enterprise SEO project. We investigate how people are searching for every product and service on your website, as well as how they search for your business. When making our selections, we look at several factors:

  • Search Volume: Is this keyword worth pursuing? Does anyone use this keyword to search for our products or services?
  • Competition: What are the realistic chances of ranking well for this keyword? Who is ranking at the top?
  • User Intent: Are people actually looking for us or our offering when they use this keyword, or possibly something else? Are they just looking for information, or is this keyword indicative of someone who is lower in the sales funnel?
  • SERP Quality: What does the SERP (search engine results page) look like? Is there a lot of junk (ads, "People also ask" boxes, Maps results, etc.)? Are the top results showing listicle articles or something more like what we're trying to rank?

We present our findings in a spreadsheet for you to review and give feedback on. Following your approval, we map our keywords against the pages on your site that will receive on-page optimization.

Technical SEO Audit

As a bunch of SEO nerds (it's ok if we say it), enterprise technical SEO audits are our favorite stage of the process. Why? Because when working with sites that have thousands or even millions of pages, even making a small change to a single line of code can have an enormous effect. 

This is the stage where, with all due respect, we tear your site apart and look for every issue that is or may be affecting its performance in organic search results. 

We take our findings and put them into a comprehensive document which orders the issues we've found - along with our recommended course of action for each - according to impact and urgency, helping your web development team prioritize these fixes to make the most efficient use of their limited time. These items are grouped by Serious, Important, and Beneficial.

You can expect these audits to be highly detailed and 100% uniquely written for your website. For example, this is the table of contents for a 32-page technical SEO audit that we completed for an ecommerce wine store.

Technical SEO Audit Table of Contents

Structured Data Audit

Have you ever searched Google for a movie and saw how they listed every actor in the cast, and clicking on an actor shows results for other movies and TV shows they've been in, and you can see everything from runtime to ratings and reviews? Have you wondered how that's done?

The answer is structured data. Structured data gives machines a more human-like understanding of content. Where they used to just see words, with structured data, they can now break those down to know that certain words represent a person, place, or thing.

For example, a product page on an ecommerce site can better identify the product name, price, product image, reviews, and much more. This allows Google to generate rich results, which include enhanced visuals such as ratings, images, shipping and return information, and breadcrumbs.

Structured Data Rich Results

Much like the technical audit, our team will comb through your site, testing various pages to see if there is any missing structured data or errors. We will organize our structured data audit by page template (e.g., product page, product category page, location page, bio page, etc.) and show specific code examples pulled straight from the site, with our recommended schema markup applied. Again, this allows your web development team to easily take our recommendations and apply them to your templates.

On-Page Optimization

Once the keyword research has been completed, approved, and the keywords have been mapped against their target pages, we set to work on on-page optimization. Typically, this involves manually writing title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text, and making small adjustments to body copy on several high-value pages.

For the thousands or millions of dynamically-created pages on your website, such as product pages, we write optimized tag templates for use in your CMS which pull in important variables, such as the product name or a location, as well as keywords and copy intended to generate high clickthrough rates.

Included in this process is analyzing and improving the internal linking and navigation of the site to further support our keyword targeting strategy.


To further improve keyword relevance and support on your target pages, sometimes additional copy is needed.

While you are the subject matter experts on your products or services, our copywriters have written high-quality copy on practically everything: ATVs, jewelry, medical information, industrial parts, education, information technology, resorts, insurance, pets, and much more.

Everything we write is well-researched and nothing is put on your site without your approval.

Our copy is written for users first, as it has always been Google's goal to serve what is best for users. While our copy is helpful and compelling, we also make sure to include some instances and variations of our target keywords.

CMS SEO Configuration

Your website's CMS (content management system) is one way we can make small changes on a large scale. This includes implementing the optimized tag templates, controlling which pages and page types Google can include in their index, what to include in your XML sitemaps, set canonical tags to reduce or eliminate duplicate content, and much more.

Our team is also available to help load all the on-page SEO tags we've written onto your CMS, which can be a time-consuming task that we can take off the plate of your web development team.

Ongoing Optimization

Content "freshness" is a ranking factor on Google. In other words, letting your site go "stale" without adding new, useful content is one way to let it slip down search results. 

This varies by industry and topic, of course. A news site will need to be extremely timely and regularly updated, more than the site for a manufacturing corporation, for example. But the latter will still need to demonstrate its content is being reviewed and new helpful content is regularly being added.

For this reason, we provide ongoing optimization of all new site that is being added to the site. This also includes working on pages that weren't included in the foundational period of the engagement.

Our team can also help you identify keywords and topics to develop new content around based on your analytics and Google Search Console data.

Technical SEO Monitoring

As much as we would love it, the delivery of our technical SEO audit will not mark the end of your technical SEO woes. We will be monitoring the site using various SEO tools as well as your available analytics for any potential issues that may arise, such as drops in indexed pages, slow page load speeds, crawl errors, broken links and functionality, missing tags, and more. 

We will also stay in communication with your web development team to follow up on the issues raised in our initial audit, as the time it takes to fix all of those typically extends beyond the foundational period.

Google Search Console Performance Report

Google Analytics Event & Conversion Configuration

We want to make sure our work serves its purpose: To increase your organic search traffic and sales/conversions from that traffic. To make sure we are fully and accurately tracking that, our enterprise SEO services start with a review of your Google Analytics setup and reporting. 

Within your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account, we will configure any missing events and conversions to make sure every important action on your site is being reported. This typically involves configuration within Google Tag Manager and your website's CMS as well. 

How well did you fare with the 2023 GA4 migration? If the answer is "Not well," or "What migration?" we can help. Interactually provides GA4 migration services as part of your comprehensive analytics setup.

Ongoing Reporting

In keeping with our commitment to making sure you always know the return on your investment and the impact of our work, we will provide 24/7 live reporting using a Google Looker Studio dashboard, fully customized for your brand and which prioritizes your KPIs.

These reports are completely flexible and can include any metrics and visuals you require. We can also provide additional reporting if you need data to fit within your company's established formats.

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