The Objective

Interactually was contacted by this relatively new family law office in Los Angeles, California, in order to attract more clients in their highly competitive area of Beverly Hills so that they could expand. After some conversations with the client, we decided to start off with a Google Ads search campaign. 

The firm had a brand new website and a basic installation of Google Analytics. Our team configured conversion tracking on their lead form, then imported that goal into Google Ads. Driving qualified users to the form was our primary objective.

Los Angeles Law Firm Advertising Campaign
Attorney Google Ad

The Tactics

The organization of the Google Ads account was fairly straightforward: we built one search campaign with a 10 mile radius around the law firm's office, within which we built ad groups based on their areas of practice: divorce, spousal support, prenuptial agreements, etc., as well as some ad groups centered on general family law keywords.

The client provided us with further information including which neighborhoods they wanted an increased presence in (for which we put automatic bid adjustments in place), and which to avoid (which we excluded from our radius map), because there does happen to be a mountain range in the middle of this radius!

We wrote multiple ads for each ad group for continuous split-testing and set up ad extensions including phone number extensions, sitelinks to useful pages on the website, callout extensions highlighting advantages of their firm (such as "Free Consultation"), and several more. We added numerous negative keywords before the campaign even launched; a list we've compiled based on many other campaigns we've run in the past.

Once the campaign launched, we made immediate adjustments as data started coming in and continued ongoing optimizations for the duration of the relationship with the client.

Ad for Los Angeles Family Law Attorney

The Results

By the time the campaign had been running for a full month, it was generating a lead conversion rate of over 10%, which was well above the Legal industry average of 6.98% for search campaigns. Just over a year later, we had improved that metric to over 38%. 

Furthermore, while clicks were relatively expensive ($13.49 on average) in the competitive area of Los Angeles, the high conversion rate and volume of leads drove down the cost per lead to just $34.78, whereas the industry average is more than double, at $86.02.




Ad Impressions


Clickthrough Rate (%)


Avg. Cost Per Click ($)


Lead Form Submissions


Phone Calls from Ads


Cost Per Lead ($)


Lead Conversion Rate (%)

Being a new website with relatively low authority, paid search immediately became this client's #1 traffic channel. At times, we were asked to decrease the budget or pause the campaign completely as the firm tried to keep up with demand. A good problem to have!

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