Campaign Background

Dwell Family Doctors (since acquired) provided immediate and primary care for adults and children at 13 locations throughout the New York City metro. They contacted Interactually to build and manage search campaigns in Google Ads.

New York City Medical Practice
NYC Google Ads Campaign

The Objective

Like most medical practices, the primary objective for Dwell Family Doctors was to increase the number of patients at all of their locations. Unlike many medical practices, they did not offer online appointment scheduling. However, with an emphasis on urgent care, we aimed to drive potential patients toward calling or getting directions to their nearest location. In addition to walk-in traffic, other objectives included increasing return patients and brand awareness throughout New York City.

The Tactics

We began by setting up dedicated search campaigns for each location, targeting users within a certain radius which were determined according to population density. Each campaign had three ad groups – Family, Primary Care, and Urgent Care – which in turn each ran continuously split-tested ad copy.

With urgent care and an emphasis on pushing calls and walk-in visits, we increased our bid adjustments for mobile devices to automatically bid higher than on desktop searches. We installed conversion tracking on the site to record clicks on phone numbers and links to directions. With ad extensions, we also added those capabilities directly within the ad.

As the search campaigns matured, we launched a display campaign targeting websites that were on the topic of family and health conditions, only shown to users near one of the 13 locations.

Mobile ad for NYC medical practice

The Results

Campaigns were live for two years and over that time we experimented with different campaign types, new ad groups, numerous targeting and ad copy adjustments, and countless other optimizations along the way. Over the course of our engagement, we drove down costs while improving clickthrough rates and conversion rates. Metrics from a single month of the search campaign are shown below.




Ad Impressions


Clickthrough Rate (%)


Avg. Cost Per Click ($)


Phone Calls from Website Clicks


Phone Calls from Ads


Cost Per Conversion ($)


Conversion Rate (%)

We have also seen activity in Google Ads lead to conversions from other traffic channels. Oftentimes a user will see a display ad and later go to the site directly, or click on a paid search ad and then visit through an organic search result before going to the site directly, and dozens of other path combinations.

In total, we've seen that 50% of all website conversions involved a visit from a Google Ads search or display ad somewhere along the way, and 33% of all website conversions came from just a single visit from a paid ad, making it their top-converting traffic channel.

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