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The EU's Clever Workaround for that Pesky "Freedom of Expression" Thing

On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of Mario Costeja Gonzalez (pictured above) of Spain in his suit against Google, aimed at getting them to remove pages related to Gonzalez's 1998 debt troubles that he argued are now irrelevant. Europe's top court ultimately decided that people have "the right to be forgotten."

Here's what's wrong with that.

A Spam SEO Email Dissected

If your email address is included in a single mailto: link or on the receiving end of any contact form, there's a high probability that you've received an email like the one shown below. Everyone receives them. I receive them and my site openly says I offer SEO services. Google has even received them. The thing that really irks me, however, is that these people are peddling misinformation and horribly-out-of-date information.

Most professionals in the SEO community know this these emails are junk, and that practically everything they contain is bullshit, but for the uninitiated, it may be difficult to detect.

Google Is A Gossip Queen

Oh, Google.  I know you mean well, but sometimes you just try too hard and come across like a real Chatty Cathy. Even worse, a Chatty Cathy Know-It-All.

I've got your back, though. The semantic web is to blame. In your quest to gain a human-like understanding of queries and content, you've relied a little too much on the web of information that has been created by the general Internet population. This works well in theory, but you underestimated one thing: Our undying thirst for #juicy #gossip!

At the heart of the matter is Google's Knowledge Graph.

Some Thoughts on Guest Blogging

There's been some excitement in the SEO world in the past few days. It doesn't take much to get people in our industry all riled up, but this one is spurring some real anger toward Google for assuming the roles of Relevance Police, Judge and Executioner.

The issue at hand is that of guest blogging.

These 5 Tactics Are NOT Dead

One of the most annoying things in the digital marketing industry is the constant stream of bloggers declaring that XYZ tactic is dead, or speculating that XYZ tactic will die because of a new Google algorithm update. Now, I'm no fancy-pants doctor, but in every other corner of the universe, it isn't difficult to determine if something is, in fact, dead.

If you need help checking the pulse, I've pulled together a quick list of internet marketing tactics that are still alive and kicking. Poke 'em with a stick all you want, these aren't going anywhere for a while.

SEOpocalypse: The Dangerous Virus Sweeping the Industry

It isn't coming. It's here.

There is something dangerous amongst us. It isn't something tangible, and it has slowly been taking over the SEO industry for years in a cold, unforgiving manner. Because of it, our future is determined for us; rather than us being able to take the reigns ourselves.

What the New Google Maps Means for Local Search

One of the biggest announcements during Google I/O 2013 was the announcement of the new Google Maps. The new version was reportedly rebuilt from the ground up, and after receiving my invite and diving in, I can see that they weren't kidding.

The new Google Maps is nothing short of amazing.

Penguin 2.0 Has Been Rolled Out: How Will I Be Affected?

For the past few weeks, Google and Matt Cutts (head of the webspam team at Google) have alluded to an upcoming Penguin algorithm update. Well, yesterday, during an episode of This Week in Google, Cutts announced that the update was being rolled out within "the next few hours" (his announcement begins around the 1:21:00 mark).  He also wrote a post on his personal blog announcing the official arrival of Penguin 2.0. Technically, this is the 4th update to Penguin, but since this is a "brand new generation of algorithms," as described by Cutts, it has been referred to as 2.0 within Google.

3 Rules of Thumb For Safe Link Building

When I was a kid, I was a bit of the daring type. I've been told stories of myself, getting caught playing balance beam on a 2nd story deck railing, wandering off and requiring a search party of a dozen people at the campground (they found me, having turkey dinner with the park owner's family), and numerous bicycle and snowboarding feats gone terribly wrong.

I can't pinpoint when risk aversion crept into my psyche, but it has been especially prominent in my professional life. In digital marketing, that isn't always a bad thing.

Rankings Are For Rookies

One of the biggest challenges in SEO is measuring success in a way that both the client and the marketer agree on. As recently as five years ago, this wasn't a challenge at all. Back then, we had these wonderfully reliable, ironclad numbers called rankings. The marketer would do their keyword research and the client would sign off on X number of keywords.